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My love of design began with photography and watercolor painting. When I first laid hands on Photoshop while working on my college newspaper, I couldn't get enough. I would try everything. The undo key was my best friend. Since then, I've designed logos, direct mail, ads, brochures, sales and marketing collateral, billboards, and publications thick and thin. When the web came around, I dove right in. Banner ads, splash screens, web sites from the simple to the complex. What can I say? I love to learn. I've even dabbled in new construction — designing floor plans, railings and selecting finishes for lighting, kitchens and bathrooms. In 2001, I started teaching part-time at the Art Institute of Portland. The first thing I teach a new student? A love for the undo key. That way, they'll try everything.

As a designer, you're asked to do a lot and everyone is a critic. That's why I also became skilled at project management. Seeing the end. Defining (and redefining) success. Managing expectations. Coaching. Driving. Pleading. Laughing. Asking a lot of questions, even though people don't always want to answer. Doing what you said you'd do on time and on budget through a process that doesn't beat anyone up. It really doesn't matter what the project is — die cut folder, database-driven web site, Air app, row home development — the process can make you or break you. If you need a print and/or interactive project manager with a proven track record, I'm it.

Work Experience:

Advertising/Design Agencies In-House Marketing/Design

Creative Abandon

Babcock & Jenkins


Rosen/Brown Direct




Fluid Marketing Systems

Higher Education Clients

Art Institute of Portland

Collier Arbor Care

Aprende con Amigos

International Museum of Carousel Art

Mitchell Wine Group